Thursday, January 9, 2014

Real Talk

Hi my name is Dean Douglas and I am a student in mr. nelsons creative writing class. One day he showed us a poem by Anis Mojgoni called Shake the Dust. Than he asked us to write our own. Out of all my work making my own version of this was by far my favorite and in my mind the best work i've done on my own. Hope you like it as well.

Shake the Dust

This one is for the ones who are told you're never goingn to amount to anything. The ones who are told to take a pill every morning so you can fit in. the ones who have something to say but are told to shut up and listen, this assignment is worth 70% of your grade .This is for the kids who can't sit still but are constantly told what to do. To the kids who color outside of the lines, who find the beauty in the small things. Well I say shake the dust, shake things up. Don't listen, just be yourself. That pill can't cange how you reallly feel only mask it towards the rest. Break free from the bonds and create. Look at the resistance in the face and laugh. Laugh so hard your buddy gives you that face. Stand tall you are not alone.  Shake the dust. You are not alone.

Thank you

Sunday, December 8, 2013

I don't want to forget

Hey remember the time where you were just sitting at the computer with a blank stare, trying to find some sort of inspiration.

I remember my child hood
I remember not sleeping on Christmas eve because I was just super excited about all the things that were going to happen in the morning
I remember looking at the clock and it being 1 am and thought it was time
I remember being sent back to bed when I was captured at the stairs trying to run down the stairs to start Christmas
I remember thinking that I ruined Christmas because I saw something that I shouldn't have seen
I remember when I actually ruined Christmas
I remember waking up and I was excited as always but went down stairs and was upset to see I didn't get what I wanted
I remember being yelled at by my mother
I remember sitting in the shower Christmas morning crying because I've upset the one person I truly care about
I remember the rest of my family coming over and it was so hard to keep composed around them and my mom wouldn't come join us because she was so angry and didn't want to see me or the rest of my family
I remember the best Christmas ever... the next Christmas
I remember not being set on worldly things and just loved and cherished every single thing that I got
I remember still having every one of those things to this day and I love them with all my heart
I remember the holidays
I remember the thanksgiving where we had both my sets of grandparents over to the house along with my mom and dads brothers and sisters
I remember when my grandma (dads mom) was still at the table grabbing another plate while we were all still in the kitchen talking, watching football and eating pie
I remember hearing a big crash and looking over and seeing my grandma on the floor with a Shattered chair around her
I remember having to run to my room and laugh into my pillow because it was so funny and I didn't want her feelings to be hurt
I remember that didn't matter after words ... she was laughing as hard as we all were
I remember helping her up and her asking for her plate ... she wasn't finished
I remember when we were getting ready for dinner my other grandma reaching down to the bread drawer and farting
I remember I almost peed my pants laughing
I remember Halloween
I remember the year that in snowed about a foot and a half on October 30
I remember my friends and I getting bundled up and having our dads with us
I remember we had to end early that night
I remember we started to have a snowball fight
I remember my friends dad hit my other friend (not his son) in the face with an ice ball
I remember we had to go home because his nose was bleeding and he was crying (I don't blame him)
I remember we only got around the block and I was still freezing
I remember grandma being back at my house when I got back
I remember her having fruit because it was Halloween and she didn't want our teeth to rot out of our heads so she got the obvious solution to the problems ... unripe pares (hard as rocks)
I remember her telling me to eat up
I remember one of my loose teeth coming out on the second bite
I remember I was so scared but so happy
I remember eating soup the rest of the night because I afraid to have another pare and if I ate the candy I might loose all of my teeth
I remember my childhood being filled with adventure and stories and all sorts of fun
I remember my childhood having some pretty sad parts in it but that is not what I'm going to focus on
I remember my childhood
I don't ever want to forget

Sunday, November 24, 2013

How to Play The Piano

Step One: Find you lil ol self a piano weather it be a electric one or grand

Step Two: Figure out what an octave is

Step Three: Play A lot of octaves (use mostly black keys)

Step Four: Mix and match a middle note every once in a while

Step Five: Show every single person you know you are the life of the party now

You Are Welcome

This will be you!

different? original? Probably not... oh well

Want me to be different or original well is that even possible?

I say yes it is! we are all original in our own certain ways.

Come on were all different humans sometimes our names are the same but is the person?









Hi I'm Dean Douglas and i'm different

I'm original

The "original" harlem shake

In the mind of Dean Douglas

If you were really wondering what is going on up here well...

  1. Women
  2. School
  3. Work
  4. Women
  5. girls
  6. Her
  7. her 
  8. her
  9. her
  10. blog
As you can see i think of her all the time and i can't help it. I want to find ways to see her and be with her and talk to her.

It's odd and kind of annoying but well i enjoy it.

You kids think that you can't feel love so young well I am pretty sure that you can feel a little bit. Not all but a little.

The bit you feel is remarkable, it's like a drug that you just can't get enough of.

I'm hooked. Love you've won. Can't live with you but can't live without you.... just like women.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Places to go when you don't have anywhere to go

If you are feeling a bit antsy and just and have no place to go,

  1. get into the car
  2. drive to state street
  3. find an odd store
  4. explore
  5. leave the odd store and walk (lock your car)
  6. say hi to some people on the street
  7. take the bloody head phones out of dat head
  8. do 7 before you do 8
  9. have an adventure 
If you do all of these things well may meet your wife... or not but how would you know
go be alone for a while you just may learn something about yourself as well as the world.

Sunday, September 29, 2013



In my life music is my guide. Always there for me to inspire and help me through just those days. Always there at the right time in the right moment.
This song is for R-----